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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Use your own personal Swipe card to gain access
  • Monday – Sunday 5:00 am – 11:00 pm everyday
  • 24 hour access available on request
  • Standard open hours for access to your stored items is 5am till 11pm every day
  • 24 hour access can be granted upon request
  • Do Not store animals or animal products or perishable foodstuffs
  • Do Not store flammable or combustible materials for obvious reasons
  • Do Not store illegal or stolen items, unsecured firearms, precious metals or jewellery
  • We recommend automatic payment to our account, which we can help you arrange
  • You can also pay by cash at the office or mail cheques to us is you’d prefer

We advise you to speak with your current insurer, to inform that that your items are in storage with is, and provide a inventory for high value items to them as well. Most insurers will have a $ value threshold for such items

The minimum rental period is 7 days, and we require 7 days notice for terms to end. Otherwise you can rent self storage space with us for as long as you wish

The facility is modern and well appointed to ensure that the items you are storing do now get wet or damp. We also request that any potentially “wet” items, such as washing machines, fridges, freezers, or vehicles are clean and fully dry before being stored

Best bet is to store clothing in cartons, cloth sacks, or plastic bags. Place mothballs inside the containers

Cover your mattresses, bed bases, lounge suites etc with plastic covers or sheets.

Electrical equipment such as Televisions, laptops, computers and other electrical goods are best packed into the boxes they came in, or packed into appropriate-sized cardboard boxes using newspaper or filler materials to fill in the gaps

  • Place moisture absorbers, extra vermin bait, and deodorisers in your storage space. This is extra protection for your items
  • We highly recommend that you remove batteries from appliances, remotes and toys to avoid damage from battery leakage
  • Keep items off the floor for long term storage to improve airflow. Use pallets or cardboard to cover the concrete floor
  • You can use a light coating of oil on exposed metal to retard rust
  • Do not place anything heavy on top or paintings, mirrors. Bubble-wrap them, and store in an upright position
  • Spray furniture with good polish
  • It is best to cover your effects with old sheets, blankets or towels especially if you are storing for an extended period of time
  • Wrap breakables (China/Crystal) individually in bubble wrap or paper, packing them tightly into a strong box or tea chest. Fill gaps with scrunched paper to prevent items moving around. Mark the box FRAGILE and store carefully so that it cannot fall down